The English Garden

aDPP07DB0A110D1309The park is at the heart of the estate. Set for less than 2 hectares on the hill has been designed and built to the 800, in conjunction with the construction of the Villa Poggiolo , according to the “English” taste of the period. An avenue flanked by lime trees leads to the entrance gate with columns in travertine. In front of a beautiful fountain against a backdrop of large Pinus nigra and cedar greet guests . Two paths , one lime and one of cypress trees, leading to the villa and its outbuildings . The wide open spaces are structured in terraces and lawns interspersed by paths and hedges, planted with oaks, Pinus nigra , cedar, oak , thuja . A clever design has placed the evergreens a little far away from the buildings to allow the sun to reach them in the winter season , while the protection of deciduous trees such as linden trees spread their green curtain to protect exclusively from the summer sun. Also within the park two greenhouses, stables, a mushroom farm and a large vegetable garden met happily recreational spaces and productive functions.
A beautiful Gothic bell tower dominates the park.
Four fountains, dating the same period, were created as water divertissement

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